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in'Ove : new concept of private space

in’Ove is a new concept of a private space allowing to isolate yourself in any area, but still being open towards the outside. It is at the same time a piece of furniture, a decoration item, a piece of art and in’Ove is aiming towards companies as well as towards private individuals.

in’Ove is made out of a beenest inovative material which is used in the high end industries . It is as light as a feather ans as strong as steel.

It is a cabinet maker furniture to the used in our contempory time :

  • Esthetic
  • Modular
  • Easy to assemble and to mount
  • Lightness, strong structure
  • Comfort and security of the structure.

The creator

Artisanal Cabinet Maker, art refurbisher and creator, Jean de Dreuille is installed in the heart of Paris city. He loves to discover and transfer ancestral methods of work, he plays with materials and creates new marquetries. Member of the art craftsmen association « a day, an artisan », the president has proposed to build a piece of art in the shape of a 2 meter high egg and express our know-how : Jean de Dreuille created in’Ove.

+33 (6) 16 73 83 10

Les Ateliers Buguet - 26 rue principale - 61400 La Chapelle Montligeon


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